Blogging Today

Though there are still lots of online journals, and most people share via Facebook than any other way, blogging has morphed into a profitable business model. Freelance writers blog as a way to get their work in front of potential clients. Businesses blog to build community and get sales leads. And everyday people blog about niche subjects they have experience with.

My niche(s)

WordPress website solutions. Been a huge fan of WordPress for a few years now and all new sites I build are on WP. There will certainly be a number of posts here about WordPress themes, plugins, and using WP to it’s fullest.

Photographer. I’ve been shooting since high school and absolutely love being a digital photographer. Film had it’s benefits, but I think so much more creativity and art is possible with digital. Nikon cameras, Photoshop, Lightroom, photo techniques and more will be shared.

Life as an average American. After spending a little more than half a century living “the dream” you realize there’s a lot of “nightmare” mixed in. Divorce, death, bad jobs, financial crisis, car problems, and all the other bumps in the road contribute to make us who we are today. I’ll share some of my bumps.

I hope you enjoy what you read and maybe even learn a thing or two.