Is Google’s EMD Really a WMD?

10/04/2012 by Karl

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If you regularly read any traffic or SEO related blogs around the interwebs you’ve seen some grumbling about the latest Google update. The EMD (exact-match domain) may well be a WMD (weapon of mass de-indexing), but it’s too early to tell.

EMD released

EMD rolled out September 28, just about a week ago. and according to Matt Cutts’ Twitter feed it only affected .6% of US sites. Not exactly a huge percentage.

Like Penguin and Panda (hey, where’d the animal names go?), EMD is designed to produce better quality results for searchers. This update, along with other content quality indicators, should produce better SERPs.

What about your site?

Will good sites get caught in the trap along with the bad ones? Apparently, the answer is yes. Ana Hoffman at posted about her drop over the weekend. She points out her search traffic accounts for nearly 60% of the site traffic. The rest of the post talks about not “putting your eggs in one basket” and not relying on Google as your primary traffic source.

Having multiple traffic sources will help guarantee you don’t get “Whammied” by any Google updates.

  • Build an email list
  • Guest post on related blogs
  • Write good content and get natural backlinks
  • Build social media followings
  • Comment on related blogs and link back to yours

Google’s “job” is to provide relevant search results. And they will continue to modify their algorithms to best suit their business model. Our job, as website owners, is to work within their ever-shifting guidelines to get people to visit our sites.

Search traffic may be a moving target, but it is one we can regularly hit.

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